Dense Breasts Canada

Dense Breasts Canada (DBC) is a not for profit organization, founded in 2016. DVC is made up of breast cancer survivors and health care professionals dedicated to raising awareness about the risks associated with dense breasts and advocating for breast density notification an optimal breast cancer screening.

Dense breasts can decrease the effectiveness of a mammogram and increase your risk for breast cancer. There are steps you can take to minimize your risk. Know and understand your breast density. Visit:

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#TellMe Ontario Video

Dr Anna Wilkinson of Ottawa Hospital asked for help in promoting this survivorship tool to doctors and women – it is good for oncologists, breast surgeons, GPs and all women with breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Survivorship Tool was developed as a national, evidence-based care guide for family doctors and patients to ensure women get the right care after treatment for breast cancer.


Also she did a super informative video – she starts at the 9 minute mark-she spoke to family doctors but it is for the public also- particularly women with breast cancer

The doctors DBC works with did this great video on optimal screening for Canadian women: