Volunteer Program

Let’s Fight Breast Cancer Together!


Why Volunteer with Breast Cancer Action Ottawa?

Breast Cancer Action Ottawa has thrived for over twenty-five years because of its volunteers’ strong commitment and passion. We constantly learn from each other in order for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa to meet its mission and goals.


Volunteering with Breast Cancer Action Ottawa allows for you to:

  • Have a meaningful impact on individuals living with or surviving from breast cancer;
  • Meet new people and learn new skills; and
  • Engage and contribute to the success of the organization.


How to volunteer for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa?

We have made it incredibly easy for you to volunteer! Please complete the online registration form and remember to identify your interest by checking off one or as many programs that you would like to be a part of and we can then get YOU started by helping those living with the breast cancer diagnosis.

If you have any questions please contact the Executive Director at 613-736-5921 or via email at ed.bca@bcaott.ca.
You can volunteer for any of the following program areas:

Program Title Requirements
Pay It Forward Program
This program is designed to follow up with the newly diagnosed within four to six weeks post-surgery . The goal is to check in on their general health and mental welfare Answer remind them of our other program areas such as peer support, the lymphoedema program , etc
Heart Felt Pillow Program
You can find details of this program on our website. This is a call for those who like to sew, and or stuff pillows that are provided to those undergoing either a lumpectomy, single or double mastectomy.
Peer Support Counsellor
The Peer Support program is made up of survivors who have taken our in-house counseling program. As a volunteer in this program, you would be working either in a one in one scenario or a group support program scenario as a lead peer supporter.
Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group Counselor
Our MBC counselors work with those diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. As this is a specialized area of pure support, volunteers have directly experienced having breast cancer /and or been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
We’ll Meet You Anywhere Program
From time to time, our newly diagnosed members do not have access to a vehicle which makes it very hard for them to get to the radiation or chemotherapy sessions. It can also cause challenges when they need to go to Kelly’s Boutique to receive their gifted post-surgical camisoles. As a volunteer, you would pick up the member and transport them two and or from their session or fitting. Volunteers need a current driver’s license, appropriate car insurance and a clean driving record.