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We are happy to guide you through any of the following initiatives. If you are interested in making a positive impact for those living with a breast cancer diagnosis with any fundraising activities for Breast Cancer Action, please contact Marie-Louise Doyle, Executive Director at 613-736-5921 or via email at

Other ways you can support cancer support programs

Donate a portion of your proceeds from your sales activities.

Many organizations and individuals choose to set aside a portion of the proceeds of a certain product or service to charity in a practice known as cause marketing or cause-related marketing. Cause marketing campaigns may range from a single annual donation by an organization, to a percentage of the sale price of a company product line, to net proceeds from a limited-edition product by an individual engaging their fan base for a good cause.

Employer Matching Gifts

Many companies set aside philanthropic dollars and allocate those funds through matching gift programs. These programs allow employees (and oftentimes retirees, spouses, and directors) of the company to make a contribution to a nonprofit organization that is then matched by a corporate gift. Matching levels vary from one company to another, but regardless of the match percentage, these gifts represent a significant source of income for the Breast Cancer Action. Although procedures for matching gift programs vary, matching gift forms are usually obtained through the employer’s human resource office. The employee sends the signed form with a cheque made payable to the Breast Cancer Action. The rest is handled by staff and the employer.

Organize a Third-Party Fundraising Event

Attend a gala, race, or other event that benefits our work to support those living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

"Will" Power

Breast Cancer Action has an iTrade account. This facilitates you as a donor today best stocks, bonds, and other investments. We are set up, and good to go to make these transfers as easy and simple as possible.

Donate in Memory or Honor of a Loved One

Too many lives are lost to cancer. The Cancer Research Institute is dedicated to saving more lives by fueling the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all types of cancer.

In lieu of flowers for a loss, or gifts in celebration of a loved one, request donations or create a fundraiser to support persons living with a breast cancer diagnosis. Memorial and honour giving demonstrates respect for each person’s struggle against cancer and makes an impact on the development and enhancement of our programs.

Tribute gifts may be made by phone, or by mail or on-line. When you provide the contact information of the person you would like us to notify of this tribute, we will let them know you have made a gift in their memory or honor.

  • Donate online by visiting:
  • Donate by phone at: 613-736-5921
  • Donate by in memoriam card:
    • Ask the Director, at the funeral services home for an in memoriam card, you can complete it and send it in the mail.
    • Cheques should be made out to Breast Cancer Action. 1130 St Emanuel Terrace, Orleans ON K1C 2J7
Planned Giving

With a planned gift, create a charitable legacy to be remembered by generations and secure the future of our programs. You can achieve your financial, tax, and estate planning goals with a gift to a top charity, whether in the form of a bequest, or one of many other gift options. Discover which assets make the best gift and which method of giving makes the most sense for your estate plan. It’s the visionaries that support Breast Cancer Action in their estate plan who will help us achieve Optimum support for those living with the diagnosis.

Create an estate plan to provide for and protect both your family and your legacy. Your estate plan is vital to ensuring that your property and assets are disbursed as you wish after your death—and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the world with a charitable gift to support cancer immunotherapy research. Your Last Will and Testament is a legal document that communicates your estate plan and may include charitable bequests (leaving money or other assets to a nonprofit organization in support of their mission).

Wedding and Gift Registries

A wedding is among life’s happiest occasions, and your family and friends want to celebrate your marriage with a thoughtful gift from your registry. Many couples create charitable registries and ask wedding guests to give to a cause that they believe in, like cancer research, either in addition to or in lieu of traditional gifts.

Of course, weddings aren’t the only special occasions in a person’s life. Birthdays, anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvahs, reunions, festivals, parties, and many special events may call for a charitable gift registry of sorts. There are several ways to support Breast Cancer Action on your special occasion.

  • Request Donations in Lieu of Gifts
  • Make Donations in Lieu of Party Favors
  • Create a Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook
  • Create a dedicated webpage as your charitable gift registry through our fundraising platform. Upload a profile photo, set a fundraising goal, describe why Breast Cancer Action is your charity of choice, track donations, and update guests with text, pictures, and videos. Once you have created your Breast Cancer Action fundraising page, tell your guests about it through invitations or emails, or by listing it on a personalized wedding website. These websites—inform guests about the logistics of your big day (accommodations, travel, etc.), as well as your gift registry preferences. It is also possible to list multiple gift registries on your website, allowing your guests to choose from a range of charitable and/or traditional gifts.

Workplace Giving

Through workplace giving and with the help of the United Way, we can help you set up an annual giving campaign in your workplace or enhance one already in place.

Donate Your Vehicle

We have partnered with Donate A Car Canada for this fundraising initiative. Take a look at our website:, complete the form and a staff person from Donate a Car Canada will be in touch to arrange for the donation of your vehicle.

Fuelling Support Together

Our goal is to align with corporate partners that share our commitment to saving more lives by enhancing our support to those living with breast cancer. Our corporate partners make a significant impact when funding Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.

Become a Breast Cancer Action Partner

Breast Cancer Action offers opportunities for sponsorship-, corporate philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), employee volunteer programs, corporate events. To learn more, take a look at our Case for Support and Sponsorship Opportunities.

It’s not always easy to know how to help a woman who is facing a breast cancer diagnosis. But at Breast Cancer Action we have lot of great ideas. How can you show your support? Your generous donation will help us to provide some essentials — namely a gifted post-mastectomy camisole, a heart shaped support pillow and a complementary physio consult. These aren’t just “nice” to have….they can make all the difference when it comes to quality of life during post-operative recovery. Since January 1st Breast Cancer Action has already gifted more than 50 of the above. And with your help, we’ll keep these necessities coming. Show your love. Help us help women in need.