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Some helpful tips for those who have someone in their life going through a diagnosis of cancer, and the treatment.

A Little Bit of Help

“Many of us cancer survivors have faced major life changes – our work, our families, our bodies, and our daily habits are just a few examples of areas where we’ve had to compromise. While some of these changes are temporary, others are permanent. Most of us that have gone through radiation therapy have one permanent mark in common: the radiation tattoos inked on our skin before we began treatment.

For some, these tattoos are a medal of courage. For others, however, they are a painful daily reminder of our cancer experiences. Some survivors choose to have these tattoos removed by laser  and while this is a safe and effective way to erase radiation marks, it can be costly. In response to this issue, I have started a new program in collaboration with the Precision Laser clinic in Ottawa, ON. If you are a survivor with radiation tattoos, they will remove them for free.”

Let’s Talk About Lymphedema

From our sister organization Kingston Breast Cancer Action,