Quilting with a Cause

I watched my Mom hand quilting a quilt for herself in June and I thought maybe I can do that for myself since I had not found anything I really liked in over 2 years. So I started with fabric choice, but I machine quilt. With restrictions with Covid-19 I found I had lots of time, so in June I started, I made mine, I made a King size quilt for one of my sisters, Then decided I could make one and donate it to Breast Cancer Action so they could sell tickets for someone to win it. So, there it is, a King size quilt that will fit a high Queen.

Tickets are only $10 and tickets are available through Marie Louise at Breast Cancer Action, Diane at Kelly’s Boutique, and it is on display at the Hammond Golf & Country Club who host the Twins’ Causes Golf Tournament. The draw will be held Mother’s Day 2021, May 9th. Good luck to all! There are over 200 hours of work in this quilt. Thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Action!

Thank you letter to the Hammond Golf Course for offering to display the quilt and participate in the raffle to support Breast Cancer Action Ottawa

“I watched my Mom hand quilting a quilt for herself … and I thought maybe I can do that”

– Diane Hayes, Breast Cancer Action Ottawa Board Member