The Kelly Project

What is the Kelly Project?

The Kelly Project was initiated so women in the greater Ottawa area having breast surgery in the form of a mastectomy could receive a post-surgical camisole as a gift to start her off on the right foot.

The Kelly Project is a collaboration project between Breast Cancer Action and Kelly’s Boutique! The goal of this project is to ensure that every woman having a mastectomy is presented with a certificate, so she can procure a post-op camisole at no cost to her.

Breast Cancer Action Ottawa will issue these certificates to women undergoing mastectomy surgery. To obtain a certificate, please call our offices at 613-736-5921 prior to surgery. Appointments are required at Kelly’s Boutique for fittings. Please call them in advance to book your appointment.

About the Post-Operative Camisole:

The front zippered garment itself has drain management capabilities and it comes with lightweight puffs that will get the patient through to the time she is ready for an actual prosthesis. Patients can wear the garment home from the hospital as it offers some compression and will help keep bandages in position. The straps are easily opened for dressing changes and examinations. Women generally comment that this garment is soft and comfortable; the fibres are infused with aloe and vitamin E.

This initial visit allows Kelly’s fitters to explain the process as far as timing to be fitted for prosthesis and brassieres after the surgery and what we look for when fitting her. We have also found that patients who come in prior to their surgery and are shown the variety and selection of prosthesis and garments available find the process so much easier. Most are completely surprised at just how much is available!

Post Op Camisole

Post Op Camisole for those Living with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis