Heart Felt Pillow Project

This program was started by one of our volunteers over 25 years ago. After her own surgery, she realized that she needed something to support her arm and to keep the tubes away from her skin to ensure that she had the optimum comfort during her recovery. Being a seamstress, she thought I should really make something for myself to make this easier for me and she decided to create a heart shaped pillow they could easily be placed under your arm to protect your skin and alleviate some of the pain from the mastectomy.

Go forward 27 years, and our volunteer is still spearheading this project and we still have over a dozen volunteers who are cutting, sewing, and stuffing the pillows for the newly diagnosed.

Breast Cancer Action Ottawa then delivers these pillows to the different mastectomy and specialty shops in the Ottawa area to give out when a newly diagnosed person comes to their shop to receive a post-surgical camisole that is funded by the Kelly project and Kelly’s boutique. Please note, that only Kelly’s boutique provides gifted post-surgical camas camisoles. You can check out that program on our website by visiting here

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with this project as the demand is quite high in the Ottawa area and its vicinity.

Please open the PDF for instructions on how to sew the pillows and the pattern that you would need to create them.

Should you have any questions please call the office at 6137365921.