Board of Directors

Diane Hayes, President

Diane is the owner of Kelly’s Boutique Inc. (opened in 2003) and the co-owner of OrthoMedix since 1992, and is a certified mastectomy and compression garment fitter. Diane has raised money for various breast cancer initiatives and is a supporter of many breast cancer related charities.  She is the founder of  The Kelly Project, which offers women a post-mastectomy camisole at no charge, and is an active member on all event planning committees for BCA.


Richard Bennett, Director, Financial Planning

Richard Bennett is an advisor with Sun Life Financial. He is in his second year in the financial services industry after a 14 year career in media and advertising management. Richard is married to a strength coach, has a 1 year old son and is active in the local music community.


Adam Sarhan, Director, Revenue Generation

Adam Sarhan is the Founder/CEO of a privately-owned investment firm – 50 Park Investments. Adam is also a Contributor to Forbes and is frequently quoted in the financial media.


Andrea Douglas, Director, Membership and Stakeholder Engagement

"My journey with breast cancer began in early summer of 2014. I wish I had found BCA then. It was a long lonely summer filled with question marks and fear. Of course, I knew I wasn't the only one, but I didn't know how to find the others. Then I started attending the Fitness classes in the fall, as treatment would permit. I found strength and energy. I found others. And I count exercise as the number one factor in my return to health. I want that for all the women who will travel my path. I want to reach out and give back through BCA. My background in politics, writing and decades of volunteer activism will help me help others." -Andrea


Louise Haley, Director, Program Support and Development

Louise Haley, PT, RN, CLT, opened Haley Rehab, a private clinic specializing in cancer rehabilitation in 2004.  Prior to launching the first inter-disciplinary cancer rehab clinic in Ontario she developed and managed a physiotherapy clinic at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre.  She has over 28 years of experience in health care and holds degrees in Physiotherapy (McMaster) and Nursing (Lakehead). Louise is certified in lymphedema management (Vodder), ADP (compression garments), acupuncture, dry needling and ergonomics. Her passion includes offering exercised based pre and post op physiotherapy services to those newly diagnosed in breast cancer. 

Cindy Strugnell, Director, Communications

Cindy joined BCA to become more closely connected to her new community, having moved to Ottawa in 2010. Having previously exercised her charitable efforts working with Relay for Life, she wanted to remain involved with a charity to help support those affected by cancer. Cindy brings to the board her marketing and advertising expertise as well as creative skill sets with the purpose of growing the presence and positive impact of Breast Cancer Action in the Ottawa community.


Annie Berthiaume, Director, Human Resources

Annie graduated from La Cité Collégiale, in 2016, with a Paralegal studies diploma. Thereafter, she became a licensed paralegal of the Law Society of Ontario. She started her career at a small paralegal firm in Rockland where she represented and advised clients on various matters pertaining to Small Claims Court, WSIB, Landlord and Tenant, etc. In September 2017, Annie joined the Government of Canada as a Paralegal for the Department of Justice. Annie is joining our board to continue to support Breast Cancer Research. After losing a close relative to Breast Cancer, Annie has volunteered in numerous fundraisers for Breast Cancer Research.


Lori Marcantonio, Director, Event Innovation



Lori Marcantonio is the Director: Outreach & Development at the Ottawa Humane Society leads all OHS fundraising, marketing, communication, outreach programs and educational initiatives. She has close to 30 years of combined fundraising, marketing, program management and community engagement experience in the non-profit sector, specifically building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with diverse partners. Lori is currently fighting breast cancer having been diagnosed in late 2018.  Lori truly believes that a positive attitude is an essential element to winning this fight.



CURRENTLY RECRUITING, Director, Governance and Succession Planning



CURRENTLY RECRUITING, Director, Volunteer Engagement and Retention







Eligibility and General Responsibilities:


  1. Member in good standing
    1. (Should you not be a member at the time of your application, you will be expected to become a member in good standing with a sponsored membership)
  2. Previous service on a Board of Directors an asset
  3. Knowledgeable of the activities/affairs of BCA Ottawa.
  4. Willing to give the time, energy, talents and enthusiasm required of the position
  5. Good organizational skills

General Responsibilities:

  1. Support and defend policies and programs adopted by the Board of Directors
  2. Serve as voting member of Board of Directors
  3. Assist in the development of the Business Plan
  4. Submit written report for inclusion in the Annual Report
  5. Submit written board reports, in advance, for monthly board meetings; request agenda time if required
  6. Ensure fiscal responsibility of the portfolio to which position is assigned
  7. Submit budget needs for the following fiscal year
  8. Conduct transition meeting with successor
  9. Perform other duties that may be delegated by the Chair and/or Board of Directors

Attendance and Time Commitment

  1. Mandatory attendance at monthly Board of Directors meetings (teleconference participation accepted in some circumstances)
  2. Mandatory attendance at two Board retreats (2 days in length; Fall and Spring)
  3. Mandatory attendance at the Annual General Meeting
  4. Attendance at official activities and functions, whenever possible