Diane Hayes, Chair of the Board

Diane is the owner of Kelly’s Boutique Inc. (opened in 2003) and the co-owner of OrthoMedix since 1992, and is a certified mastectomy and compression garment fitter. Diane has raised money for various breast cancer initiatives and is a supporter of many breast cancer related charities.  She is the founder of  The Kelly Project, which offers women a post-mastectomy camisole at no charge, and is an active member on all event planning committees for Breast Cancer Action.

Beth Hoag, VP Membership Retention, Program Support and Development

Beth is a physiotherapist with a practice focusing on cancer rehabilitation, lymphedema and pelvic health. She also worked in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor for over 10 years. Beth grew up with a mother who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at a young age and she witnessed the positive impact that community support programs had on her mother’s quality of life. Beth brings her cancer rehabilitation, health and wellness knowledge to Breast Cancer Action with the goal of helping develop and promote sustainable community support programming for people affected by cancer.

Annie Berthiaume, Legal Literacy Advisor

Envolta, Accountant of Record, Financial Literacy Advisor

Joanne Charlebois, Governance Literacy Advisor


Diane Hayes

Executive Director

Marie-Louise Doyle

Vice President, Revenue Generation

Currently Recruiting

Vice President, Program Support and Development

Beth Hoag

Chair, Health and Wellness Program

Elaine Scarboro

Chair, The Kelly Project

Diane Hayes

Chair, Peer Support

Andrea Douglas

Chair, Lymphedema Program

Beth Hoag

Chair, Metastatic Cancer Support Program

Laurie Tresa

Annual General Meeting

Please note: BCA will be holding its Annual General Meeting on:
November 9, 2023
6:00 -6:45 PM

Zoom Link will be sent out to the membership before noon on November 9