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The newly diagnosed call breast cancer action from their cars, from their basements, from the hallway of their doctor’s office. They call to find out about the kelly project, and how they can receive their post-surgical camisoles and their support pillow. They call about our prosthetics bank, a brand-new program and about our heart and soul wellness and fitness program. But most of all they call, because they’re scared, and they don’t know what’s coming and they’re hoping that we can guide them and tell them what to expect. After asking them some questions and calming them down and setting them up with our peer support program, we wish them the best and tell them that we will be in touch throughout their diagnosis year to help get them through this. We have officially become part of their story.

So why donate? Because everyone deserves their Aunt, their Cousin, their BFF, their Sister, their Nana, their Mom, the matriarchs of their family.