Get Involved!


Yes we need help and we’re not ashamed to admit it! We have so many volunteer opportunities available! Apply today!

It’s easy to do and you can fill out our online volunteer application form.

  • So if fitness is your passion you might consider teaching a class for breast cancer survivors or organizing a fitness fundraiser to benefit them.
  • Can you design posters, flyers and promotional material? If so, could you spare some time to help us out?
  • Could you teach a lunchtime workshop to our members on non cancer-related topics?
  • Do you work in marketing, radio or t.v? Could you help promote our work and special events? Or could you film a fundraising event so we can put it up on Youtube?
  • We have ongoing activities throughout the year where we need help such as the Shake Your Booty Fitness Event, the Golf Tournament, Pink Reception and Fall Gala. You could choose to get involved with just one of these events and take your pick of options: Get sponsored to take part; help promote it, help prepare for it, help out at the event.
  • If you are a breast cancer survivor and your life is back on track again after surgery and treatment, could you offer Peer Support to someone who has been diagnosed recently? We are looking for people in all age groups from all different backgrounds, so we can match people together. A young mother with young children who has just received a diagnosis would really value support and encouragement from a survivor who has been in a similar situation.

These are just a few examples but there are many areas in which you can make a valuable contribution of your time and talent to Breast Cancer Action. We receive no Government funding at all so it’s up to us and our wonderful volunteers to raise money and help our members. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

Please have a look at the Volunteer Application Form and see if there are ways you can contribute a little or a lot of your time and experience. If you don’t see your particular skills or interests on the form, please feel free to add suggestions. Ideas and creative thinking are always welcome!

If you have any questions, please call me: Rhonda Evans, Director;  Tel: 613 736 5921 Email:

Help us make a difference in our community now.