Sponsor BCAO


Why?    Because you want to make a difference and help BCAO support those living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

BUT Wait! We understand everyone has their hand out but give us a chance to explain. Our ongoing goal is to be referred to as “The 911 of breast cancer” by providing ongoing and enhanced programming and support to those in the Ottawa area who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We receive no government funding and we do our best via fundraising, but we need HELP. It’s that simple. And we need YOUR help.

What?  BCA is a local community-based organization dedicated to enhancing the life of those living with a breast cancer diagnosis through practical help, emotional support and education. We are a small non-profit organization and a registered charity in the Ottawa region.  Since 1992 we have grown to offer many programs, resources and support for all those in our community who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Who?    In Ottawa alone, 2.7 women are diagnosed daily with breast cancer every day. Statistics show that 230 men in Canada will also be diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a staggering number. And while the Ottawa Hospital is a gold standard treatment facility for the disease, there’s more to challenging breast cancer than medicine and hospitals.  Biopsies, mammograms, MRIs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone treatments and more are among the many roads a breast cancer patient must travel. Often with no road map. As our provincial governments cut back on health care funding, all patients, not just breast cancer patients, are often left without the resources required that go along with dealing with an illness and that are required for long term healing. We are always looking to develop our programs to include changing needs, for example, those people living with metastatic breast cancer who are living longer but have access to less and less support services due to cutbacks.  We are always thriving to enhance existing programs.

How?    Take a look at our prospectuses and pick one that works for you.  You can either sponsor our:

Should none of these traditional offerings work for you, let’s create one that does, JUST FOR YOU! If you’re “good to go” please complete the fillable form and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

We believe most of us want to make a difference in our community and support those organizations and people who are in need of help and support. Through your sponsorship you can:

  • EMPOWER our members to benefit from enhanced BCA program support.
  • INSPIRE those in your community and our sector to reach for higher ground.
  • IMPACT our organization in a positive way that will help us grow as an organization and provide even better support to our members and the Ottawa based cancer sector.

Join us in our in our fight against breast cancer and help us support your local community. Meet us anywhere, we’ll be there for you! Should you want to sponsor or need more details before making your decision please feel free to call me at 613-736-5921 or via email at: ed.bca@bcaott.ca.