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All cancer patients should be prescribed exercise, Australian guidelines say
The prescription pad is getting a workout as doctors push for exercise to be a regular part of care

Exercise for people with cancer: a clinical practice guidelines
Segal, R., Zwaal, C., Green, E., Tomasone, J. R., Loblaw, A., & Petrella, T. (2017). Exercise for people with cancer: a clinical practice guideline. Current Oncology24(1), 40.


The Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN)

The guide is free of charge. You can download it at https://cbcn.ca/en/mbc-newly-diagnosed-guide. I will also send you 10 English and 10 French copies by mail to distribute to metastatic breast cancer patients.


We also have updated Never Too Young: Psychosocial Information and Support for Young Women with Breast Cancer.

Would you like copies of this as well? You can view an electronic copy on our website at https://cbcn.ca/en/never_too_young.


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