New Diagnosis

Questions about a new diagnosis?

Let us share our tips and tricks for the journey ahead!

Here at Breast Cancer Action, we understand how overwhelming a new diagnosis of breast cancer can be. For both the woman diagnosed, as well as her loved ones, a diagnosis can bring a wide range of negative emotions. We hope that by providing you with a community of support and understanding, you can approach the breast cancer journey knowing that you are not alone.


hat If you are a new breast cancer patient looking for tips and tricks to guide you through the treatment and post-treatment journey, we can provide you with insight from other survivors on our Newly Diagnosed – Patient page.
3d small person makes a tick in cell. 3d image. White background.  If someone you love has recently been diagnosed and you are looking for a way to help them through this journey without putting pressure on them, we can provide you with some ideas and suggestions from survivors about the best things their friends and family did for them, which you can find on our Newly Diagnosed – Friends & Family page.


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