All members of BCA are eligible to take any of the classes offered. Members can register and join classes at any time during the program. You will be asked to complete a waiver during the registration process. And if you are not a member of BCA or if it’s time to renew, please visit our membership page before you leave the website.

Classes for the 2017-18 year end on June 23rd.

Our new 2018-19 program is planned to start on September 4, 2018.

Please check this website for the schedule and ways to register in August.

We encourage everyone to check out other exercising options and healthy activities during the summer.

Schedule to come for 2018-19

The “More than just Fitness” Program

A recent review article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (July 2017) summarized that ‘Physical activity… has the most powerful effect of any lifestyle factor on breast cancer outcomes. At least 120 minutes per week of physical activity is recommended, but less than 13% of patients with breast cancer attain this.’

We at Breast Cancer Action are aware of the importance of physical activity, not only in reducing the risk of cancer recurrence, but also in improving one’s confidence, self-esteem, mood, and a sense of inner strength. It also allows us to enjoy work and leisure activities with more energy, and handle some of the tests and treatments we must have with resilience. We aim to assist our members in acquiring or maintaining an active lifestyle, which can only benefit them and their families.

Our program offers a variety of activities to suit different levels of fitness and interests. We offer yoga, stretch and strength (which aims to be about half aerobics and half stretching and resistance training, belly dancing, Tai Chi, and now pole walking as an intermittent offering. The emphasis is on getting fit, doing activities safely especially in view of the surgeries we have undergone for our breast cancers, and having FUN. Down the line, we are hoping to include occasional ‘extra’s’ like nutrition workshops, information sessions on the prevention and management of lymphedema, the do’s and don’ts of a personal home based exercise program, and perhaps even updates on breast cancer itself. We are collaborating with other organization In Ottawa in order to provide better information and access to programs that may be of interest to our members. One example is the free nutrition workshops offered by OICC (Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre). Another specialized fitness program under our umbrella is the Dragon Boat Team who train all year and attend many events through the summer, linking with other teams across our city, provinces and country. The camaraderie enjoyed by our Dragon Boat women is powerful.

Some women join our fitness classes for a short time during or shortly after their acute cancer treatment, and then move on. Other stay on for years and benefit from the social and emotional support that often accompanies the exercise. Many do a combination of both, wanting to remain ‘connected’ with friends and informal peer supporters. Often our members will say that taking the BCA classes gives them the training they need to do other exercise safely and more confidently given their post-surgery or radiation concerns. Some of us are in our 20’s; some in our 70’s or 80’s. Some of us have had an exercise routine all our lives; others are becoming active for the first time ever. We each progress at our own pace and according to what’s safe and enjoyable.

Every attempt is made to offer classes in different parts of Ottawa and at different times of the day. Our vision is that we will be able to provide more variety in future.

For more information, call 613-736-5921 or e-mail us at

Annual Gala 2018

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Class Locations

St Laurent Complex

525 Cote St.
Ottawa, ON
K1K 0Z8

Beyond Yoga

66 Hearst Way #3
Kanata, ON
K2L 2P4

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

1500 Alta Vista Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K1G 3Y9

Arcana Martial Arts

1484 Scott St.
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 2N4

Goulbourn Recreation Complex

1500 Shea Road
Ottawa, ON
K2S 0B2

Greenboro Community Centre

363 Lorry Greenberg Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K17 3P8

Hintonburg Community Centre

1064 Wellington St.
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 2Y3

Nepean Creative Arts Centre

35 Stafford Rd.
Nepean, ON
K2H 8V8

Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre

345 Richmond Rd.
Ottawa, ON

Phone: 613.736.5921
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