Community Bra Program

Support the Bust Program

Bra with pink ribbon in a round frame to help promote Breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer Action is happy to announce that in partnership with Kelly’s Boutique, we are now operating a community bra donation program!

As we all know, a breast cancer diagnosis is devastating in many ways, including  financially. Adjusting to the changes your body faces can be difficult. In 2014, BCA began offering women in the Ottawa area the gift of a post-operative camisole through The Kelly Project. We are excited to now be gifting women with mastectomy bras (prosthesis not included)! Our bras are mostly new, with some lightly used, and come in a wide variety of sizes to suit you!

If you would like to pay it forward and donate…

If you have a mastectomy bra that is only lightly used, and you would like to donate it to another woman in need of one, please feel free to drop it off at Breast Cancer Action’s office (here). Please ensure that it is cleaned and ready to be given to another breast cancer survivor!

If you would like to receive a bra…

If you are in need of a mastectomy bra, but don’t have access to one from a retail location, please come by Breast Cancer Action’s office (here) and check out our selection of new or gently used bras!