Our Values

Commitment. We operate in a manner that serves the best interest of the organization, while considering the needs of the membership, our stakeholders and the community.

Inclusion. We implement broad-based decision-making practices that best reflect the needs and expectations of our members, stakeholders and community.

Diversity. We respect and value differences among our membership and stakeholders, and believe diverse perspectives can be advantageous.

Transparency. We promote openness regarding our vision, mission and mandate.

Integrity. We are committed to providing our members, stakeholders and the community with information, care and support to the best of our abilities.

Effectiveness. As an organization often faced with difficult choices based on limited resources, we strive to achieve maximum results with what resources are available.

Our Statement of Principles

As an organization, we have established specific Standards of Accountability & Principles of Good Practice. In addition, we strive for:

Mission Fulfillment… by strengthening the organization in order to meet the changing needs and growing expectations of our audience.

Effective Stewardship… by maintaining effective governance and management and by generating and managing resources in a wise and responsible manner.

Quality… by achieving excellence in all aspects of the organization and by evaluating the total organization and its outcomes on a regular basis.

Leadership…. by adopting and promoting inclusiveness and diversity through services, programs, initiatives, activities and by pro-actively educating the public.