Board of Directors

   Diane Hayes, President 

Diane is the owner of Kelly’s Boutique Inc. (opened in 2003) and the co-owner of OrthoMedix since 1992, and is a certified mastectomy and compression garment fitter. Diane has raised money for various breast cancer initiatives and is a supporter of many breast cancer related charities.  She is the founder of  The Kelly Project, which offers women a post-mastectomy camisole at no charge, and is an active member on all event planning committees for BCA.


 susan Susan Gick, Vice President

Susan is a community-based palliative care physician, formerly a family doctor, and has been practicing in Ottawa since 1981. She is now ‘semi-retired’, having stepped back after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 in order to pursue other ways of helping the people in her community. As part of BCA’s Board of Directors, Susan is focusing on creating a comprehensive network of accessible, community-based services to serve women living with a breast cancer diagnosis.

 WendyL  Wendy Loschiuk, Treasurer

Wendy became Treasurer for BCA in 2011 and brings to the position many years of practice in financial management and auditing. Knowing from experience that all of us have family and friends who struggle with cancer, Wendy is strongly committed to the vision of BCA to help those in our community who are facing the challenge of overcoming breast cancer.

   Andrea Douglas,  Secretary

“My journey with breast cancer began in early summer of 2014. I wish I had found BCA then. It was a long lonely summer filled with question marks and fear. Of course, I knew I wasn’t the only one, but I didn’t know how to find the others. Then I started attending the Fitness classes in the fall, as treatment would permit. I found strength and energy. I found others. And I count exercise as the number one factor in my return to health. I want that for all the women who will travel my path. I want to reach out and give back through BCA. My background in politics, writing and decades of volunteer activism will help me help others.” -Andrea

   Louise Haley, Director

For Louise, it’s all about addressing the rehabilitative needs of women before, during and after breast cancer treatment. So it’s only fitting that she joined the BCA as a Director in 2013.  As owner and founder of Haley Rehab, an inter-professional clinic specializing in cancer rehabilitation, lymphedema and wound care, she has been working with women affected by breast cancer since 2004. Over the past decade, Louise has hosted workshops and has developed educational material for BCA on lymphedema risk reduction practices.  She believes passionately, both personally and professionally, in spreading the word to breast cancer patients of the crucial role rehab can play on the journey back to health.


   Cindy Strugnell, Director

Cindy joined BCA to become more closely connected to her new community, having moved to Ottawa in 2010. Having previously exercised her charitable efforts working with Relay for Life, she wanted to remain involved with a charity to help support those affected by cancer. Cindy brings to the board her marketing and advertising expertise as well as creative skill sets with the purpose of growing the presence and positive impact of Breast Cancer Action in the Ottawa community.

 nicole  Nicole Hood, Director

Nicole is a young woman who began her trek through the breast cancer treatment maze after being diagnosed in February of 2014 at the age of 31. She uses her expertise as a socio-legal researcher and her recently acquired knowledge of breast cancer to assist other young women in navigating the world of breast cancer and the everyday realities that medical professionals don’t always address. Working with BCA, she aspires to help women in the Ottawa community who are battling breast cancer.